Korean Elevator

My mom and I were going to Korea to see my husband’s family, and I was so excited!  We had finally gotten to the apartment complex and I was excited and proud that we had made it.  We walked into the building and we were about to get on the elevator when we realized we were in the wrong building. Oops! We started to go outside, when an older Koran lady (about 60), started coming in. I thought she might be my MIL’s friend, so just in case, I said hello in Korean.  She answered back and asked me, in French, how I was doing. I replied back in French, and then switched to Korean because it felt more comfortable. I said goodbye and we kept going.
I remembered it was the third building, but when we got there, everything had changed so much! There were shops and restaurants in the bottom section of the apartment. Hmm. My mom started to walk past but I noticed the stairs that would lead into the apartment.  We walked up them. Ah hah! There’s the elevator.
I pushed the button on the first elevator and realized it was a service elevator or something,and went over to the next one.  My mom had a big shopping cart and started to get in. Ahh! It smooshed her in the doors! She managed to squeeze in and I apologized that I hadn’t been able to stop it from smooshing her. I felt really sorry.  There were a few other white people in the elevator with us. I was going to floor 8, they were going to floor 7 I think, and I accidentally also pushed floor 13.  
There was a bench in the elevator and we all sat down as the elevator moved up.  We were chit chatting about Korean food, and recipes. I said that we try to eat Korean food a few times a week and that it’s not really that hard to prepare.  As we talked, we realized that we hadn’t stopped at our floors. It had stopped up very high, and then zoomed back down. As usual, this dream elevator was making me anxious.  
I asked the girl to my left if she had a cell phone, and could I call my husband using it? I said he was Korean and he might be able to help us. I was really proud that he was Korean and enjoyed the surprise they showed.  Just as I was about to call him, we noticed another number pad on the other side of the elevator door. I pushed those buttons and they seemed to work. Phewf!  It passed 8, and stopped on 9. I told my mom to jump out now, and we would walked down one floor. It might be as close as we could get to where we were going.

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