Spring Flowers

We were going on a skiing trip, and it would be B’s first time to ski.  I was a little hesitant, but I thought she would probably pick it up quite quickly.  We thought about which hill to go on. My brother said we would have to ski down a little hill first to get to the ski lift, and maybe Bobae could practice there.  Suddenly I realized I should probably take her to the bunny hill to practice. 

We got to the little bunny hill ski lift, and I got her up the hill. There were a few people on the hill already, who seemed like they were quite good skiers.  When we got ready to come down, they moved out of the way.  No problem getting down.  Now we had some kind of ski instructor with us, and we were going down the road. Hey! We were just about to pass my house, and I suggested we stop in for a second.  
Wow! Look! It’s almost Spring.  The weather had warmed up and the snow was almost melted.  I said “Look! My tulips are coming up!”. I was so excited.  We walked up to the house. In front of the windows was a big flower patch with beautiful tall peonies, and colourful flowers of different varieties. It was so beautiful. I was so proud, and told them that my husband had planted those for me. I looked to the front of the lawn to the flower bed and trees he had planted and told him that he also planted those. THey were beautiful and I was proud of them.
One person pointed to a section of my house and said it was kind of weird that I wallpapered outside. I noticed a square of wallpaper on the house, and admitted that we actually had bought the house last year, and that that had been that way when we moved in. 
Note: Every time I dream of our house, I’m so happy.  When I dream of the house I grew up in, I am anxious, but every time I dream about my new home, it’s always sunshiny and exciting and so happy.  



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