The Warming Area

We were at “our house”. It was a very modern home.  We were watching movies, I think about a sea monster or something, in our little modern living room.  There were quite a few of us there.  The door knocked, and a lady came, with another little kid. She was the baby sitter, and was kind of odd, but we let her in. She was nice enough, just weirdly out of place.  
We showed her around, and went around the corner to the left.  There as a pool there, that my brother was in. A beautiful, modern square pool, not huge.  Grey colour. The odd woman, started walking on the water. “HOLY CRAP!”. Oh. The first part of the pool was actually pure grey stone, with about three inches of water on top of it. It was called the “Warming Area” where you lay your body to warm and rejuvenate.  It cuts off after that and is deeper, for soaking.  She laid her body down on the warming area, and I hoped she wouldn’t get her face in the water and drown or something.
As I sat on the edge of the pool, I saw one of my friends giving the odd woman a leg massage. How nice, I thought, for them to treat this person, who we didn’t even know, so kindly.  
I thought about peeking into the movie room to see how it was going. When I looked over the edge of the wall (the walls were more like partitions, and a couple feet down from the high ceilings. I thought I saw a tail of a sea monster on the couch, but realized that it was a big huge green snake. Okay. I would stay at the pool. No need to go back there right now!
As my dad would say: Who makes this stuff up anyway?!

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