Leaving Russia

This was a really odd dream, and it’s already starting to slip away. I meant to think about it earlier, but I got on to doing other things and forgot!

Anyway, the dream started out strange.  We were playing outside, I think at the White House.  We knew now that we were being attacked.  Bombs were going to come, people were going to be hurt.  The president was reassuring us, and showing us the measures they had in place to protect us.  Protections coming up from the ground, and airplanes in the sky interception danger. Still, it was freaky and uncomfortable.
We were divided up into three groups. I can’t really remember the logistics of it.  We were in a big institution and we were starting the move or journey to another destination. I say institution, because, well, I’m not sure why. I think it was a big square building like a school or a hospital, or something. Cold and sterile.  My husband and I and one other person shared a room.  We each had a single bed, with wheels, that we could raise and lower.  I pushed my bed over beside my husband’s, (I was in the middle), and raised it to be the same height so it felt like we were sharing a bed. I got it just right and he raised his up. Hey what are you doing!! “Oops sorry Honey!”. THen he put it down to match.  It was time to round us all up.  Group one would be leaving first, and we were in group one.  
I’m not sure by which mode of transportation we travelled, but it wasn’t plane. I believe we went by bus for the first lag.  We arrived at the second institution.  We spent a bit of time there, President Obama still leading things.  Then, we went on the second lag.  By now, I realized we had started out in Russia. 
We arrived at the next institution.   It was dark and dingy, with carpeted halls and dirty rooms. Suddenly, I realized I had left our cat, Twink, in the first institution, in Russia. I was devastated.  How could I have forgotten her?  I saw a mouse run by, and wished Twink was there to see it.  I asked my husband to try and find someone in the third group, who may still be there, to check and find Twink. I knew that even if they found her they would have a hard time getting her to me.  She would be scared by now.
My husband called his best friend, Myeongrock who was in group three, to check.  They had long left the first place, with Twink left behind. I was so deeply sad.  What would her life be like now?  She would be a stray cat, fighting for her life, scrounging for food and being treated like a thief.  I tried to resign myself to letting her go, and thought, there’s nothing I can do… it’s impossible to go back.   

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