Old House Dreams

I had lots of strange dreams last night, but instead of recording one, I will just talk a little about a semi-recurring dream.

My brother, who is two years older than me, just came in to my office to chitchat.  We were talking about our old house (where we grew up). My parents built the house, and it was beautiful.  A few years ago, they sold the house, and inadvertently entered into a court battle about property lines and other unpleasant issues.  Anyhow, he mentioned this morning, that he doesn’t have the bad dreams about the house any more. “Wait a minute, you were having bad dreams too?!” I told him that I also have dreams about the house.

I went on to tell him that I always dream that somehow I’ve managed to get in the house, and I’m going about normal things. Looking around, doing something in the kitchen, when I realize it’s not our house any more.  What am I doing in there?!  Just as I realize it’s no longer our house, I look out the window and the new people pull in the driveway. I always have to escape, either through the basement into the woods, or out the back deck, by jumping off of the railing. 

He nodded his head and said he has been having the same dreams.  Since the court case was settled he no longer has the dreams, but I, like a trooper, continue on with them.  Funny that we have the same dreams, but neither of us knew.
I told him that I always had negative dreams about the house. I said that I always dreamt we were being burgled or attacked, and he said “Hmm come to think of it, so did I. Even when we were young I had bad dreams about that house.”  We joked that maybe our home was built on an old Indian burial ground, although, we’ve all always kind of wondered that.  My parents cleared the land to build our house, but there was always kind of a heavy energy around it.
Since all moving, we find the energy of our new homes completely different.  We were all a little bit heartbroken at the thought of leaving our family home, but now my parents live in a smaller, beautiful home overlooking the lake, and feel so much lighter and refreshed.  I love our new home as well, and always have really exciting and uplifting dreams about it.  

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