A Tiger in the Field

Okay, I was on the bus (a quite usual place for me to find myself in my dreams), on my way home from school.  My friends were there with me, friends from the school bus growing up.  I was showing them all of my pretty jewellery and they loved it. (Back story, on the side, I’m a personal stylist for Stella & Dot in real life http://www.stelladot.com/karenslee)  I told them they could get it for free too if they wanted to do a trunk show!  They were quite surprised and excited, and they started planning on their shows.  I told them that my last hostess earned about $320 in free jewellery plus shopping at half price.  They decided they would try to have a show, and 2 planned to host together. I felt kind of sorry for the third friend who would be alone. I told them that there had been a $50 bonus to hostess rewards that month, which is why it was so high.

Anyway, so the bus went a direction it didn’t normally go. Instead of continuing on the 560, it turned down the Deal Road.  I felt like it was kind of weird and slightly creepy/uncomfortable.  I guessed he went that way because the kids who lived on the 560 must not be on the bus that day, so he went the opposite direction for a change or short cut.  
As we were driving, I looked out the window, and there was a river type thing.  I was watching, and suddenly, these big blocks of waste or garbage or something, was poured down a shoot/slide into the water. I was so surprised! They just dump their garbage into there?!  Then suddenly, I saw a really tall man, running and jumping over cars down by the river, and run and try to grab the garbage. I realized that he hadn’t meant to dump it there. He was trying to hook a big tube or something to the garbage shoot to pull it back.
As we kept driving, I saw some people working, and I waved to them.  We were kids on the bus, so they were really happy to wave back. I guess the bus stopped for a minute as we watched them. I realized they had almost the same brown jacket as I was wearing!  They were two older women, with grey hair.  Maybe they were twins, they looked so similar.  They started singing a song to us, like a musical. I forget what the song was, but in the dream I knew it.  Something made up for the dream I guess. Shoot, I wish I could remember, it might have been a message.  
As we went around the corner of the end of the road. We were waving to the people down there.  The two ladies, and some kids. My daughter was there, so beautiful and sweet.  She didn’t know it was me, because I was a kid or dressed weird or something.  Until I said “Bye Sweetie, I’ll see you at home!”  Her face lit up when she recognized me and waved!  I was so proud that she was my daughter, and I wanted everyone to know.
Next, we were off the bus, another girl and I.  Since we had taken a different route that day, we were in unfamiliar territory for me.  Sure I knew the land, and the people, but it wasn’t as clear and familiar as my regular route.  I looked into the field on the side of the road, and there, behind a very small, one line of wire fence, was a tiger. Just sitting calmly in the field! I said “OMG did you see that tiger?!” Who on Earth has a tiger out here?! Why? How is it safe? Who is it staying behind the fence?!”  I figured they must feed it well, so it doesn’t attack. Like at the zoo.  
The other girl WAS familiar with the territory, and I asked her who owned the field.  As we walked in the field, I looked down and saw that the entire field was gridded off with wires, making about 6×6 inch squares flat to the ground.  The squares were small enough that our feet didn’t fit in them, but if we wanted to avoid them, we had to tip toe.  The grid was electric but not turned on.  I looked to the girl and told her we had better get out of there, before the farmer saw us and flipped on the switch to make the grid electric! I knew the electricity wouldn’t kill us, but I sure didn’t want to get 100 electric shocks on my way out of there! We picked up the pace and raced back to the road. 

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