A Trip to Toronto

I was going on a trip to Toronto, and I was really excited. I was with one friend.  We were going for vacation and I was excited to go to the city. We flew in, and planned to go see the CN Tower first.  We really didn’t know how to get there, but there were lots of people loading onto a bus, so we thought it must take us somewhere exciting, so we hopped on. 

There were two Chinese people sitting beside us.  One of them told me that she had had a dentist in our town.  I asked if it was Dr. Wheeler, and she said yes. I told her it was my dentist too.  
My friend and I started wondering if we were really going somewhere exciting. Were we really going to the tower? How would we know? What if we were actually going somewhere far away accidentally? I said “What if this is actually a bus to Ottawa?!”
We asked where it was going, and saw the map, that we were going to farm houses! What?!  The place we were going looked just like around home.  A few farm houses on dirt roads. It was some novelty for city people to go visit a farm house, because it wasn’t normal for them. Yeesh. We were going to have to pay to go see houses we could see for free at home! For goodness sakes! 
Suddenly, it started storming. It was thundering and lightning was flashing the sky.  The bus drifted back down the road a bit, and settled into a space between the trees for shelter, in a hollow between two hills. It looked like the bottom of the hill by my brother’s house.  I was freaked out, as usual, but the storm.  
I had a tray of crystals with me.  Different stones. I tried to decide which ones I could use for protection. I had aqua/mint coloured stones, and lots of others. I chose a black stone, a few brown ones, and an amethyst to use.  Another lady commented that she loved my stones and asked where I got them. I said if I was looking for something specific, I would order them on-line, otherwise, I would usually just pick them up here and there.  She chose some brown ones too for us to use, for safety from the storm.  I was surprised since usually I like the colourful stones, and kind of avoid the brown ones, but I left myself choose them this time.
I asked my friend if she would visit her relatives this time, in Toronto, and she said yes of course.
Suddenly, we were in Toronto. I was in my own apartment, which looked out onto a main street.  The guys from my university, who used to be my friends were in my room.  They were wrecking my room. One wanted to flip the bed over while I was still on it, and other were unscrewing the windows, and breaking things.  One “friend”, Matt, lit a battery on fire, which I knew would explode. I was so worried and upset, and they ran out. I threw the battery behind them, and as it hit the ground, it exploded. There was a HUGE boom, and it exploded. It was like little pieces of shiny white paper filled the street and the sky. I wondered if I would be in trouble and get arrested for using a bomb. I was worried, because I wasn’t using it to hurt people, I just had to throw it out.  I was happy though that it didn’t explode in my room, and hoped it hit Matt, or at least scared him.
I was at the side door of my apartment, trying to fix the door that they had unscrewed. I was a bit frantic and scared that they would come back. I tried and tried to get the door to lock but it just didn’t seem to work. I looked out the window, and saw the girls who used to be my friends. I knew they had left me and were no longer really my friends, but I needed their help.  I yelled to them, and finally Sara saw me, I begged them to come back and help me, and they did.  I don’t remember to much else, but JE had a boyfriend.  They looked nice together, but I knew it wasn’t who she would end up with. There was a book coming out later about her and someone else, and it was a different man than the one she was with now.

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