Shaved Heads and an Ant Farm

Somehow, we came into a situation, and heard “They both shaved their heads as a result”. Hmm what? Then I looked, and as we came up a hill, we saw two girls in their late 20s, with shaved heads (brown hair). Then a screen flashed to them both with long wavy beautiful blonde hair. What had they done that?! Yeesh! So anyway, there was some type of argument between them. They were getting ready to face off. They were at different areas of the yard, and their helpers were getting them ready. I told them to put some gel in the girls hair and try to style it a bit. They couldn’t quite figure it out, so I went to her and smoothed her hair sideways, and tucked it behind her ears. I had experience doing my husband’s hair, and so it looked very nice. The other girl had more spikey hair and didn’t have much hope. I thought of just how different they both looked with their short hair.

So, we were sitting on a side line, kind of like a bench or a bleacher. The girl with the short hair, turned out to be my friend B. I thought of her having short hair, and everyone said she looked a lot more herself this way. I told them when she was younger, she actually had long hair, and more recently she had long hair as well. We were joined or connected somehow. We were some type of partners, but I didn’t want to be joined to her, I wanted to be free.

Across the “field” (?). to the left, I saw three guys from my highschool. T.P., M.M., and I froget the third one. As usual, I kept accidentaly catching M.M.’s eye. Why were they watching us though? I heard someone say that over there was an island that was made for observation. It was like a game, people actually went to sit there, and the whole game was watching people.

M.M. got up to go somewhere, and when he came back, he said “hi”. He was worried about my partnership with “B” but I told him I was trying to get out of it. Then we started using a heart whole puncher to punch hearts into some type of program that belonged to another from our school, D.W.

Somehow I was now in D.W.’s house. I was looking at his wall and asked if I could look at his ant farm. He said there were no ants yet, but he would get some. Ahhh that’s okay!! Nevermind DW! But he got out a capsule and tried to insert it. When he did, a few (3?) ants escaped and started running across the yard. I kept saying “Ahh I hate ants!” but felt I shouldn’t say that, because I told him I wanted to see the farm. I tired to round the loose ants up, they were going towards his indoor pool. I put a paper down in front of them, hoping they’d crawl onto it but they didn’t. Ahh. Shoot, I told him he would soon have an ant infestation because they would multiply but he didn’t care.

He got the ants in, and I watched them start to plow through the dirt, making paths here and there. It was almost like little human bodies going here and there. Creepy but neat. Then I wondered what they eat, and if you ever have to feed them.


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