Helicopter Fleet

We all had helicopters. About 20 of us. I guess I must have been a man, because everyone else was, and we were flying through the air.  None of us really knew much about flying, but somehow we ended up here. We all flew pretty close together which worried me, because it increased the chances that we could collide. I tried not to stay to close.  Actually now I’m not sure if I was even one of the people, or if I was just watching? I think I may have just been watching.
Anyway, eventually, we got to the destination.  And we/they all managed to land.  Everyone’s clothes were in a pile, in a heap, and I had to go pick out clothes for the person I was in charge of. (Which makes me think I must not have been flying). I had NO idea which clothes were his, but I picked out a pair of pink men’s underwear, a top, and shorts with puppies on them. I decided the puppies probably weren’t a very good choice, so I exchanged them for a pair of khaki coloured shorts. I worried that they might be someone else’s and they might try to take them back.
Finally the man I was in charge of came out.  Dressed in very high cut polyester bell bottom pants, a top and seersucker blazer.  He was very flamboyant. He was talking to the main person in the presentation we were listening too. I was happy I chose the right clothes for him (I guess the outfit turned into that), but he did add the blazer himself.  He seemed very confidant and not embarrassed at all. 

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