Irish Treasure

We were in Halifax, watching a documentary about women’s safety.  One girl, alone at a bar, sat her cup (a drink, tall and thin full of blue liquid), on a shelf to go to the bathroom.  As soon as she went, two men snuck in and dropped something into her drink (as she knew they would).  She came out of the bathroom and in a rage she threw the drink down and in frustration that “why do people do this type of thing?!” stomped back up to the bar.  Without saying anything, the bar tender quickly handed her another.  I thought she must be there a lot if he knows her “drink of choice”. I also thought, it would be better for her to go home, than be in a dangerous place.
Now, somehow, I was in this place too.  The girl was my friend and she had gone to the bathroom. I also went into the bathroom, and as I went, saw the creepy men on the corner watching us. I ran in and called to my friends, to tell them that the scary men were coming.  We were all on alert, but nothing happened.  As we left the bathroom and walked onto the street to leave, the men kind of yelled or poked at us, but we got away and kept going.
Now I was on the back of someone’s bicycle, going to another bar.  I was tired and thought I should just go “home”. I was in the city on business or something. I wondered where I would sleep that night. I had put on makeup, and a pretty purple eyeliner and looked very nice. I wore a short dress, and sat sideways on the person’s bicycle. I thought maybe I should get off, if we had to drive up a hill.
We were at the next place, and I was just standing against the bar, waiting for my friends to order, with my back to the bar, and facing the tables. I had the end of a shoe string type of thing (Like the kind that comes out of a hooded sweater) and I was tracing my lips absentmindedly.
A man at the table in front of me said, in an Irish accent, “Treasure, can I kiss those lips?”  I smiled at the flattery but said no thank you.  He sang me a really nice song, just making it up there, but again I refused.  With him, were another man, and two women.  One man and woman started singing a beautiful song. I was really wonderful.  When they finished, I said it was very lovely.  The other woman said “I could listen to John and Elaine sing all day”.  I agreed it was beautiful.  They were on some type of musical tour. 

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