The Cowboy Life

We were going somewhere, our family, and we had to transfer to get there.  We got into these little white bucket things, on wheels to go to the next spot.  We had to walk across a little slippery ledge to get to the next vehicle and there was some type of indoor-ish lake there. My dad suddenly ran across the lake really fast, on top of the water, bouncing/kicking off the wall, and running the other direction.  Then, his phone fell in the lake, and he went down with it. Ahh!  It was freezing there.  I screamed for the people to get him out.  The pulled him out of the lake and sat him on the ground.  He was frozen and numb, staring straight ahead.  I screamed for blankets or something.  They brought me towels, and I wrapped him up to try and get him warm again.  
I knew something was wrong, and that the cold water could have damaged his brain.  When he finally started talking, he had a southern drawl. It was really weird.  I asked him what year it was, and he said 1893. Oh no, was he reliving a past life?  I asked him if he knew mom, and he said it was his brother.  He wore kind of old fashioned clothes, that you would go out back hunting in.  A big brimmed hat, and loose half unbuttoned shirt.  I forget all of the things he said, but it was the first dream of the night, so I’m sure some bits have dissolved now.

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