Erik Sighting

This dream was very short. So short that I don’t know if I can really call it a dream, but it made me happy, so I wanted to include it in it’s own post.

My mom and I were standing outside on a cold day.  Kind of looking at a door, or an entrance. We were off to the left hand side.  It was blowy outside, and the entrance had a sort of coving over it.  A man was walking up the pathway towards the door.  He was wearing a grey hoodie, and his curly hair was blowing in the wind.  He looked at me, and clear as a bell, I saw his face and it was Erik Medhus, from  I was SO excited I started jumping up and down and waving.  He smiled at me, and I wanted to yell out “ERIK!” like he was a celebrity, but he kind of smiled and said “shh.. shh..”  He meant, I know you see me, and I see you too, but you don’t need to shout and draw attention, it’s okay.  The vision was so clear and I was so happy to have seen him in my dream. Thanks Erik!  I kept asking my mom if she saw him too, but I think she said she didn’t.




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