The Mom Spirit.

We were outside at a picnic/get together on a type of outside terrace.  There was a woman there, tall, thin, blonde hair, a nose that was slightly upturned, and she was about 50 years old.  My mom told me who she was, and that she was actually the mother of my friend, A.  She said in addition to that, she was the mother of my friend, B.  Neither of the girls knew she was their mother, but I could see in her face, some resemblance.  Mom told me that she was flaky and a little hard to be around.

That afternoon, the woman died.  I knew that I had to call A to comfort her and tell her the truth of what happened. I haven’t seen A since 2008, but called her and left a message.  She called me back, and said “Hello, but who is this?” Oh silly me, I probably hadn’t said. I told her, and she still didn’t seem to remember me. I named our other two friends, and said “Don’t you remember? We were best friends when we lived in J.J.” Slowly she started to remember.
I told her about her real mother. I told her I had actually seen her this morning, but that she had suddenly died, and I comforted her.  The reason I was actually calling, was that though she had died, I could see her.  She looked like a real person to me, but when I saw her, she did tell me she had died but needed a message sent to her daughter.  I relayed everything she was saying to A.  I would listen to the mom, and say “She says ——“.  At times it was hard to hear her, and I had to ask her to speak up, or slow down, or talk more clearly.”  This was the first time this situation had happened to me, and I was a bit bewildered, but continued on. A wanted to know any information I had about her mom, so I described her in complete detail, and every piece I could remember about her. 
I don’t really remember what happened next, but I know that our family was going to some type of show or performance.  We had to wait in lines, and eventually they all got to the bleachers. I didn’t have tickets but I got in anyway, and I think my family eventually let me sit with them. The ground was really slippery and I had a hard time moving to the right places. I think there was something about a meal. A buffet or something.

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