George W Bush at School

I was at school.  It was the elementary/middle school from my town.  I was near the gym, and about to leave, when lots of snow fell off the roof, right in front of the doors.  It was so much snow, that it filled up the entire front doors.  It frightened me and I was worried something could happen, like that part of the building could fall down or something, so frightened, I started running down the hall.
As I was running, I looked into one of the rooms, and saw the principal. He asked me to come in.  In the room with him, was George W. Bush.  What the heck?  He was smiling and kind of excited and asked me to come in. I thought to myself, “Is he still relevant?”   So, I went in.  They had chosen me to do an interview, that would be televised.  At first, it was Ellen Degeneres interviewing me. She had been jumping around, and I knew that her hamstring was sore, and I could see her rubbing it. To show empathy I started rubbing mine too.  Then I guess I was being interviewed about important things like women’s rights, but now GWB was asking the questions. For SOME reason, I was now in a small black bikini! WHAT the heck! I have never worn a bikini in my life (and to be honest really shouldn’t in public anyway), but somehow I was in this bikini, laying on the couch, with one arm behind me head to prop myself up. I was being very careful not to move too much for my belly to jiggle around or something. I thought I might as well just go with it, and not be videoed awkwardly getting up and finding some other clothes to wear.
So, the interview aired on TV.  I saw it, and I didn’t look AS bad as I thought. My skin was very white, and my belly wasn’t AS giggly and gross as I had suspected, but it definitely wasn’t pretty, and I shouldn’t have worn it.  I was outside in Florenceville now, going to Track and Field practice, and we were waiting to go int he building. I was with some guy who I knew liked me. I was just young, and was dating around but didn’t want to commit to someone. He said something that made me realize he was taking this relationship seriously and I thought “Oh shoot”.
The people in the crowd were talking about my interview and how awful it was that I wore that bikini, and I should really be working out more if I want to do that. Sheepishly I said “Aww I knowwww.. I’m so embarrassed, I didn’t really mean to wear it! Really!”. But, people were still really judgemental,  I wondered if I could somehow turn this around into something like a call for women to be proud of their bodies, no matter the size.  
So, we went in to the Track Meeting place.  I was with my boyfriend from highschool and wondered HOW on EARTH I ended up with him again?  Could I stand the rest of my life with him?? He seemed different though. More grown up and normal, less annoying and immature. He was divorced now but still loved his kids. He was very kind and supporting. Maybe I could stand it. But seriously how did this happen? 
Anyway so the Track leader was going over schedules. I wondered how I ended up in this too, since I hate running.  She was saying that we had practice for a few hours every Sunday, plus other hours. I thought how I hate having things on the weekend when I just wanted to relax.  Would I even be able to run very much??  I was in track in middle school, but hadn’t participated since then. Ahhh… how did I get involved in this?!

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