Nick of Bavaria

We moved to a new house. It was a beautiful huge mansion.  Was it left to us or something? It was sprawling, made of stones, so beautiful and large.  It was built up on a hill, with other houses around it.  The other houses were made with those brown edges, traditional, and I think we were in Bavaria.  

B and I were wandering through the house, we really loved it.  We were out in our garage looking around.  There were lots of things left there because the previous owners (who happened to be our former baby sitter’s mother in law) had just left.  
As we were looking around in the garage, a man in a tractor drove up the hill.  His name was Nick. He unlatched the the little gate to our garage, and came right in, dumping something in the big sink, as (apparently) always did. I stood with a shovel, ready to hit him if I had to, not knowing if I should be scared or not.  He started talking to us, and he was so kind and gentle, that I knew we didn’t have to worry.  He was older than me by about 10 years or so, and was so sure of him self.  While being kind and gentle, he also was very responsible and laid back, somehow, at the same time. I was so at easy and comforted by him.  We walked out of the garage together, each of us holding B’s hand, and kind of skipped over to his house next door, which was more the traditional Bavarian house.  
When we got to Nick’s house, he mentioned something about going to a cafe together next to have a drink of coffee and take a rest with B.  I was so happy, and I thought to myself “THIS is why we moved to this house”. I was so pleased.  He went into his house to take a shower while B and I waited outside. We were playing and jumping together. We would count and jump.  “1, 2, Jump!” “1,2,3,4, JUMP!”, :1,2,3,4,5,6 JUMP!”.  It was fun.  Nick came back out, chuckled, and said “Okay you two, let’s get going!”.
Now, we were in our house.  We were showing Nick around.  The kitchen was kind of strange.  It was too small, so the fridge was in front of another door.  Nick moved the fridge, and behind it was a whole pantry room. It was wonderful.  We went into the pantry and laid down together for a rest. We were so completely and totally happy.  Suddenly I realized I was married.  I knew that, but I desperately wanted to be with Nick.  I also didn’t want to hurt my husband or rock the boat.  I wondered if I could continue to see Nick secretly. Ahhh.  
So, Nick left, and B and I spent time going to the basement, and trying to figure out how we had met him before.  There were lots of basements and garages around the big house but I just couldn’t come up with the right one. I felt like if I could get back there, Nick would wander back around again and I could at least see him.  
I went down to one basement, and my dad came behind me.  Across the water we saw two palatial looking buildings.  Dad said that they would (or had?) kill a man in that building.  I can’t remember the reason, but it was something silly.  I realized it was Russia over there.  But Dad called it Petersburg. I realized conditions must be really bad over there.  We went back up into the house.
I went outside the house and oriented my self.  I could see Nick’s house, and all of the other village houses which looked like his but not as big.  (Before this, I typed his name into the computer and found the diary left by the previous owner, in her handwriting, talking about him. he was the neighbour, and came around to help fix things, like plumbing ect.  There was no romantic relationship.  I learned that he made lots of money by making bets and always winning (IE I bet I can lift up this car).  He was very strong, and good natured, The part of Nick was now played by Denny from Grey’s Anatomy).  Anyway, so I saw where I had to go to get back to that garage.
I went back up through the house, and outside. My husband and someone were working outside in the hot sun, at our house, and I planned to go to that garage, but I stopped. I asked where B was, and they told me she was asleep napping in the bed. Okay, good.  Then, she walked in, crying, she had woken up. I realized my dad had put her to sleep, but left to soon and too noisily and she had awoken.  I soothed her and stayed to take care of her.

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