The Ocean Tide

My daughter B (2.5 years old), and I were on a shore edge, looking out at the water. Directly behind us was a wall made of stone, and there was only about 2 feet of shore. Suddenly, the tide was coming in.  She had a little floaty thing that she could sit in on the water and wanted to get in. I let her get in it and realized she had her head face down in the water! OMG! She popped her head up, and I saw that her cheeks were puffed out and she had been holding her breath, looking down on the water. Phewf! My gosh, it scared me! I didn’t realize she was old/big enough to know how to do that.  By now, The water was up to my neck at least and getting higher.
Oh no! I just dropped my phone into the ocean! It sank down to the sandy bottom.  My sister in law was beside me in the water, doing something, and I shoved B’s floaty thing to her and said “I just dropped my phone! Can you hold onto her please??  She said “Um yeah, just a minute”. I was like “NO NOW! It’s going to break!”. I was using my very old chocolate phone, and it wasn’t THAT big of a deal if it died, but I hoped it didn’t.  I took a big breath of air, and swam down to the bottom, and grasped it. When I popped up, I thought I saw an animal (like a dolphin or something) jump up in the air and splash down into the water, just out of the corner of my eye. I realized we weren’t alone in the ocean then.  I looked, and my sister in law had let go of B, absent mindedly, and she had started to float out to the ocean. AHHH! I managed to grab her in time, and pulled us all out of the water. Time to get out NOW!
We all had towels around our shoulders, and I realized that I had nothing covering my bottom! Oh my gosh! Abruptly I saw down to cover myself, For goodness sake!  There was a hot tub, built into the ground, and B thought it was a little kids pool. She ran down the steps and started playing in the water. I was worried her hair could get caught in a filter and I told her “That’s not for kids!”. She was having fun, and I was exhausted trying to keep every safe, and keep my butt covered.

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