America’s Next Top Model- Again

I had this dream two nights ago, so the details aren’t clear. I completely forgot about it until a co-worker and I started talking about Netflix. We moved into a new home a year ago and haven’t set up our TV. I was reminiscing about how much I loved America’s Next Top Model (even though I’m not American), and zip in popped a dream from the night before.  

I was at the auditions for ANTM, and suddenly it was my turn to walk the runway. Instead of the runway, it seemed more like a track, around a field. I didn’t have heels, and I hadn’t practised much, but it was too late to turn back. I wanted to be nervous and embarrassed but decided to just go for it.  In my sock feet, I started walking.  I sauntered along in my best runway walk, and people were cheering for me!  The judges loved me and said I had a relaxed 70s vibe. I remembered that last time I was on the show (haha), they had said the same thing. Maybe I DID have something special.
It was time for my photo shoot, and I was so happy and excited.  Nigel was doing my shoot, and we were old pals from the season before. We hung out and joked, (I have an image of me kind of hanging off of his shoulders with my hands around his face, but I can’t remember why I was doing that). I was proud of myself, and so very happy.  I was the winner of ANTM.
The End
When I remembered this dream, it kind of made me remember the other dream I had (remember, where I had the interview with George W Bush, and I was wearing the ridiculous bikini on a televised interview. I had hoped maybe I could turn the ridicule around for some type of “Love Your Body!” campaign).  In the dream I knew I wasn’t a typical model, or a stylish 20 year old, but I had won America’s Next Top Model! I didn’t need to be perfect. I just needed to be me. I just had to go for it, and throw my cares aside. Just go for it.

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