Eagles & Elephants

Over the weekend, I had a couple of animal dreams.  The first one was from Friday night, and I only remembered it when something jogged my memory on Sunday, so I don’t remember the details really. I just remember I was driving a car, and I saw a bald eagle. As I looked, I noticed there was an entire flock of bald eagles flying in front of me! Wow! I was so amazed! I got my camera and took beautiful pictures, and I was so happy that these birds were here for me specifically.
The other animal dream I had was last night. I don’t remember all of the details about this either, but here are a few:
We were at a big indoor place. I wish I could describe it. It was a huge building, and there was water.  You could sit on the edge and not get wet, but there was water here and there, deep, water, quite dark.  Like the kind of water you would see at an indoor ride at disney, that keeps the rides floating along. There was also concrete.  Anyway, I was trying to finish something. Maybe homework, or a project or something. Somehow, along the way, I aquired an elephant! A great big elephant I was now in charge of. I also had a dog. I wondered what I would do with the elephant. Ahhh. I found a banana and threw it, and realized the elephant was crazy about bananas. When I threw it, the elephant lunged for it.  I had to brush the elephant with a huge brush too. Oh, and the dog wanted bananas too and was kind of jealous.
As we sat there, I wondered what we would do with the elephant. I guess we were living in some type of camp/cabin.  Would the elephant sleep through the night, or would it wake up in the middle of the night and wake everyone up? Would it even fit in the house??  If I put it outside, wouldn’t it be too cold for the elephant? It elephant was so cute, and so innocent. 

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