Guided Phone Call

I was dreaming I was having a psychic reading on the phone. I’m not sure who she was or how I even got her phone number?  (I was in the living room in the house I had grown up in) I hadn’t asked any questions, but she was telling me a lot of information (AH why can’t I remember what she was saying?!) She was telling me about some issue I had.  All I can remember, is that she said it started when I did something that I morally thought was wrong, but I did it. My guide told her I was wearing red that day, and I remembered exactly what the action had been.

I then asked a question. My voice was a bit shaky, but I said “There is a hypnotherapy course in Halifax I’ve been thinking of taking.  Does it seem like a good idea?”  She didn’t answer me, and the phone went dead. It had gone dead a couple of times before and she had called me back. So I put the phone down to wait.
 It was morning, and almost time to go to school. Some kids that my aunt was taking care of, and her daughter came into our house. They were getting dropped off here for some reason. They must have missed the bus. I was worried they might be too loud as I waited for the phone. Then it rang and I went into the TV room.
I answered the phone, and instead of the woman, it was a man. I guessed he was the assistant? He had a deep voice, and told me that he’s enjoyed observing me and mentoring me. He implied it had been a while. As for my question, he said that yes it would be a good fit. He said that it would be good for me to do something on my own, and I had been interested in the for a long time. The program seemed fine, and it would be good for me to get a certificate now, to add to my repertoire of skills.Yes, all in all, it would be a good decision and time to do it.
Interesting!  I’ve been thinking of doing that course in Halifax in real life, but have been a bit on the fence about it. Wondering if I could really go there by myself and do it.  I’m wondering if they were guides talking to me?   

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