Marathon Vacation

We had sold our other house, and we were going to go on vacation!  Mom asked me to search the prices online to get a deal. I searched but the deal we had found earlier was gone, and they prices were a couple hundred more than they had been.  Anyway I guess we booked them because we ended up in Cuba.

I think it was still early morning,and I couldn’t sleep, so I went to look around.  I came to a place, and realized there was an indoor marathon taking place. Neat! I went in, and started running. I was having fun, and wondered if I could make it to the end. Would I have enough endurance? I briefly thought I should probably have worn a t-shirt and shorts, because I was getting quite hot. I saw I was almost to the end, did I make it?! Then realized that it actually looped around, and the “end” was only the halfway part. Oh well, I can do it! I looped around and kept running. The second half of the run was a lot easier than the first. There were a lot of people out running. Families, kids, old people. Everyone. I thought that was strange since it was so early in the morning.
When I finished, I noticed at the starting point (which also happened to be the ending point), there was a podium where people were signing up for something. Oh no! Did I have to sign up FIRST? I realized I didn’t, and felt a lot better. 
I went out side, it was still early, 5am now, and called Mom. For a second I suddenly worried I would wake her up but she was awake too. She said why don’t we meet for breakfast? And I said sure, I’d meet her at Knight’s Inn now. I would leave from that place and walk over. I mentioned the marathon and thought Dad might like to try it. I also wondered if the yardsale in Lville would be opened yet.
I started walking. Instead of going to the right near the restaurant, I went to the left around the big pool. Holy, it was a big pool! It was taking a LONG time to go around it. I thought I should have just went the other way. In front of me were three English/British girls, wearing bathing suits. I thought it was weird, because it looked like they’d shopped in the kids department, with kids style bathing suits. One even had wings on her suit. Weird.
Finally I got around the pool, and had to go into some weird house, to get to the other side where the restaurant was. I thought to myself, this resort DOES have a lot of walking!  I went in and a guy was walking in front of me. He was slightly taller than me, with sandy brownish/auburn hair. For some reason, I was holding his hand through the house.  There was another guy who looked almost like him, walking behind me, who wanted to hold my hand too. Ahh what was I supposed to do? So I kind of held both their hands. We realized that the second guy had a girlfriend at home. I wasn’t ashamed at myself, because I didn’t know. But I sat back and watched, and wondered why he would do that?  He’d better go back home. 

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