Puppy Happy

We had come home to L-Ville, from town. The village was buzzing, the skies were blue and thee was excitement in the air.  Everyone was having a yard sale!  Lawns were set up with racks of children’s clothing and odds and ends.  The yard sale would be the next day, but I was so excited I just wished that I could start shopping now!  I would have to wait though. I hoped it wouldn’t rain during the night and get everything wet!  

We went home, and went to bed. I was having a hard time sleeping, so around 3am, I got up and laid on the floor behind the bed to try and get some more sleep. The cat was meowing and I couldn’t sleep. (In real life, the cat was actually meowing and I was having a hard time sleeping as well).  
He said he would get up and let the cat in. I sat up, and saw the cat walk across the room. Wait! That’s not Twink! I said that to my husband.  The cat was white (like Twink) but had brown splotches all over it. My husband told me that yes, a few days ago, he had brought some stray animals home. (yay!)
He brought me a little tiny puppy and I held it on the bed. It was SO cute! It was so young too, I wondered if it should still be nursing from it’s mother. He had rescued these animals from somewhere though. I asked him what he’d been feeding the pup and he was shocked and said “I haven’t fed it!”  The puppy looked fine, so I thought, “Well, if it has survived until now, I can find food for it to make it grow strong”.  It was small and black, with white and brown parts on it’s legs. Adorable. I checked to see if it was a boy or a girl, and it was a girl.  I thought I might name her “Lace”. It was the girliest word I could think of at the moment.
My husband told me I could keep the puppy and I was SO excited! He never ever wanted to have a dog, and I was SO excited! Then, three more tiny puppies ran in. Little curly haired baby poodles.  2 brown, and 1 white. They were so cute! It was so exciting and lovely in our room, with my husband and I, our daughter, and the 4 pups and 2 cats. What an excitement our life had just turned into.  We were so happy!
I knew I had to go find food for the puppies though.  I went out to find some.  I saw my old friend B there,  She asked me about the puppies, and I told her they were pure bread dogs, but Charles had saved them, and now we were just trying to keep them healthy and happy until they were all in the right homes (except Lace, who would stay with us).  She scolded me and looked down on me, and told me I was in no position to have the privilege of taking care of them. I had no stamina or experience, and would just abandon them. I was so mad and annoyed, I just left her there and got food.  
Small details from this dream are continued in the next dream “Marathon Vacation”. I feel like the next dream can stand on it’s own, so I’ll separate them.



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