Blanket Robbers

I answered the phone at work.  It was a man, with a thick thick southern accent.  It wasso thick I had a hard time understanding him.  He was asking for 2 books, and said the titles. I couldn’t catch what he was saying, and asked if it was the kitchen magazines he wanted.  Then he realized he had the wrong number! He had looked it up on the internet. I told him where we were, and he apologized and hung up.

Then I was at home.  Some delivery men came in.  I forget what they were delivering. They said they had to go check something, and I realized they would rob us. Ahhh what could I do? I tried to call 911. I saw the taking our TV out the back and everything else they could. Aww shoot. I told them the police were on the way which was a lie since I couldn’t get the phone to work.
The bad guys were going through out house stealing things. I asked them not to take my phone bc it was the only phone we had. They passed it up. They tried to take my husbands wallet and I tried to save it. I had to give them all of our cash. Yeesh. I saw them goign with a packing blanket, and also they had my daughters blanket! NO I begged! She can’t sleep without it! They also had my baby blanket that was crocheted for me.  They didn’t care at all about my sentimentals. THey had no sympathy or empathy.  I was crushed. 

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