Substitute Teacher

I was at school. I was a middle school student kind of, but actually I was in grade 12.  I had had such a great and fun school year. Our class was really close and we all got along so well, that we had had a fun year together.  I said that this year, and grade 8 had been the best years of school.

We had a substitute teacher, and we were playinga game.  It was some kind of game where we each got a coin with a number on it (mine as 76 I think), and we had to get up and put it in a certain spot.  I put mine in a spot, and was happy I got it but someone else had a “Special edition” coin, so it trumped mine. Shoot.  
We were all sitting down in our desks, when the teacher said to dress like Christmas trees for the next challenge. We all put garland around us and lights and things.  I noticed on the floor that my box of something had been knocked over by my Ex BF.  I flagged him over to pick it up, and he laughed and happily came and did it.  Even he and I got along wel, because our class was so happy and fun.  The teacher gave us a treat, like a popcicle or something.  
We finished our snack, and then our real teacher. Mr. B, came in. He was so excited and announced that he was going to take us out to eat! Oh. Um. We were all full from our snack. No one said anything, there was an awkward silence, and then we all sad “Wow Yay Thank You!”
Next we were in the car with my mom, driving in the snow.  The snow was so deep and thick, that it was higher than our car, and scraped the sides of the car as we drove through.  I asked my mom where we were going and she said “Glassville”.  I mentioned that we couldn’t get there last time because the snow was so bad.  She said “We couldn’t get to glassville?!”  I was confused wondering why we were going there anyway.  And where are we going?  Mom said we were there now, and we pulled into an old farm house.
Mom got out to go in first, and me, my daughter, and one other person (I forget who). got out. I was wearing jean shorts and a tank top but my mom had bought me a white knit home made cardigan, at a yardsale.  It was thick, and the sleeves were too long, but I liked it. I thought I might look too frumpy, but I caught my reflection in the window, and looked fine with the combo.
We went into the house, and the lady was taking to us.  We were still wearing our shoes, and I really felt like we should take them off. She was marking grades or something of my brother’s, weird. Something like what he had done in kindergarten. She pointed out where the medicine was, and where the food was ect.  Then I woke up.

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