The House Tree

We were coming home, a friend and I, walking home to my house in L-Ville.  The streets were SO busy, there were people everywhere. Hundreds and hundreds of people!  There was a parade, or a protest, or some kind of big event going on. We were going home to get changed, to go back out.

We crossed over our lawn, and I wanted to tell everyone not to trample on my grass, but didn’t say anything because I was walking on it to.  When I went to go in the door, about 15 other people went in too. They all sat down in the living room. A lot of them were friends, but a few I didn’t know.  I uncomfortably said “I’m sorry, but unless you know me personally, you will have to leave now”. I wanted to let my friends stay and relax, but I couldn’t have everyone just roaming around at my house.
My friend and I went upstairs (now it wasn’t my real house) and I went to get changed. I had a dress, it was kind of like polyester, with sort of embroidered, well not really embroidered, but you know, kind of a textured pattern of little tiny flowers. It was navy blue, fitted, and went to my knees. It had a white collar, maybe made of lace or something sweet like that.  It fit perfectly, and I looked very elegant. I looked at my self in the mirror expecting to look weird or uncomfortable, but I looked very fancy, and lovely.  I had planned to wear beautiful high heels, but I slipped on my flat black pointed toed shoes with bows on the end, and asked my friend if they looked okay. She said yes they looked very nice. I decided to wear them instead, since I would be walking a lot outside and knew they would be comfy. 
We started to go down stairs and I realized I forgot my make-up. I ran back up and put on BB Cream and eye-shadow, then we started again. Shoot, I forgot my coat! I ran back up to get my purple coat. I wondered if it would cover up my pretty dress too much. Then we went back down.
Now, as we descended the stairs, it was my friend’s house, in CB.  I was going to meet her parents.  We walked around the corner, and her mom was there, sitting at the lunch table. I thought she looked so different, I didn’t even recognize her.  I had never met her dad before, but reached out my hand to greet him. He shook my hand, and I was a bit nervous. I knew that he was kind of scary and mean. Her brother (she actually has a sister) was there at the table too. 
My friend and I wandered around her house. It was made of logs, and had a super super high ceiling, like one that comes to a point, with a pointed window.  In the highest part of the room, was a HUGE tree. At first I thought it was a Christmas tree, but soon realized, that the house had been built around this beautiful old tree.  Big branches went in every direction. Wow! I was amazed! It was so big and so beautiful, and her dad had built the house around this tree. What an amazing and fantastic idea.  
To the left, was another large area. I thought it was a ballroom, and it was so exciting!!  We ran out together, in our sock feet, and ran as fast as we could. I yelled “Let’s slide!!”, so we slid along the floor.  It was so fun, but my stockings had kind of tracks on them so I didn’t slide very far. It was like we were in an airport now.
Somehow the airport thing turned into a busy street in Halifax.  We were walking along, and somehow we got some kind of free breakfast bar. I heard the voice of a woman, and realized I recognized her from these Youtube Toy reviews that my daugther always watches.  I called out to her, and she said yeah she DOES do that, and she saw a need in Halifax for a local mom to do reviews, so that’s why she started.  She wanted a free breakfast bar too, because she was going to use it as a give-away for her youtube channel. I looked at her channel and saw she did give-aways of granola bars and things, and thought it was weird that SO many people wanted them.

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