My Friend, Oprah

I was at a studio audience for Regis and Kathy-Lee.  I noticed that it had the same energy as Kelly and Michael, and realized it was because they both had the same producers. The chairs weren’t permanent seating, but more fancy temporary chairs.  Wooden chairs with big fancy sides. More grown up.  The audience was quite empty and everyone was sitting at the back. I thought to myself “wouldn’t it look better on camera if everyone was sitting at the front?

Anyway, so we were going to a Garth Brooks concert.  (Weird). My daughter was on my lap and I asked her if she wanted to go see Garth Brooks, and I sang part of the only Garth Brooks song I could identify, Standing Outside the Fire. She didn’t really care, but was always up for something exciting.
Then it changed, and it was Oprah’s show now. She was sitting beside me, and somehow she was my friend. There was a segment about Ireland, music and everything Irish. I was SO excited! Oprah asked me if part of my family was Irish, and I said no, but I went there for a couple months to work after Uni, and took my Honeymoon there. I told her I was CRAZY about Ireland and always try to go back. She mentioned a couple of places in Ireland, and I told her I hadn’t been there, but that we went to Galway, Kinsale, Cork, Blarney, and Dublin. I hoped she would send me there on a vacation, but then suddenly felt guilty for even wishing her to use her own money on me just because she was rich.
Then Oprah said it was time for everyone to make bracelets. We all split up into groups backstage.  It was some type of pipe cleaners and wire and beads. I could not figure out how to get the beads onto the pipe cleaners. For a minute I was trying to get a tiny bead onto a big stick or something. I took the end part off the stick, and tried to get the bead over the stick. Agh, I couldn’t figure it out. Eventually, I decided to just do it my way, and use thin wire. I didn’t care that it wasn’t the way everyone else was doing it. Some people looked alarmed, but I thought it still looked nice. At the point, instead of beads, I was now clipping hairpins onto the metal. Finished. Looked fine.
We went back out to the main area.  We were all sweaty apparently from working out. I wondered if Oprah provided showers, because it would be really really nice.  Someone walked past and said they just had the best work out and best shower of their life. Oh yay showers are available!
For some reason, next I was still there, but taking laundry out of the dryer. OOPS! I found my daughter’s barbie in there! Shoot I must have made a mistake and washed it! It was fine though. Oh no! I found her doll in there too! The hair all seemed fine on the doll, thank goodness I hadn’t ruined it.

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