The Tree House Spot

We lived in an old house, I think the house one of B’s baby sitters lived in.  It was different inside, airy and quite nice. I thought about the babysitter. In the dream she loved her oldest, but didn’t think much about her youngest. I wondered how she could feel that way?  

Anyway, we went outside, and my Dad was going to make a tree house for my daughter. It was really exciting, and we were scouting out places. Oh, there was a HUGE stump.  The tree had been cut off, and I said “Imagine how huge that tree would have been if it could have grown up?”  There were other parts of trees, and big mounds around the lawn.
We walked up onto one of the mounds. We decided it was too close to the road, to be safe. We went to another, and it wasn’t quite right. We went to the third, and it was perfect! It had a little hollow part on the edge that would fit the “tree house” perfectly! It faced the house, so I could watch the kids play from the window, and it faced the swing set we had. I noticed our swing set was very nice. It had sturdy bars and strong seats, and I knew my daughter would really enjoy it in the summer. I was very excited about the prospect of the new tree house, and also the fact that we had found the perfect spot for it.

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