Vegetable Oil Painting

I was going to see my friend, M.  He was doing something, with friends.  He was painting. When I went to see him I was really happy because it had been so long. I looked at his painting.  It was pyramids, a big one and a small one with distinctive features. The neat thing was, that no matter which way he turned it, It always looked the same. It was like the painting was on all four edges of the paper (duplicated), so it always look like it was facing up.  He gave me the painting and I was so happy! I cherished it because it was an original.  I asked if he would teach me to oil paint and he said yes.
Here is how we oil painted:  We had a manilla envelope with vegetable oil in it. We squished it around in the envelope, and made sure oil got onto the flap. Gently I folded the envelope over a bit, so that that oil from the flap could rub over the surface of the envelope (which was the painting surface), then I laid it flat again to paint.  The paint was in the envelope, So I would just stick the paintbrush in to get the colours. I started painting very quickly.  My brush strokes were really fast and short. I was painting a tree from the top down. An evergreen tree.  I started with reds, then orange, then yellow, and finally greens at the bottom. The concept was very specific. I think I wanted to show about the colours changing, but the tree still being completely alive (as shown by the green at the bottom).
I wondered how the painting would look, and if people thought I was going too quickly and not taking enough time.  The second tree I painted looked much nicer than the first. I was improving quickly.   When I finished, I stepped back and looked at the picture. It was beautiful. It had all filled in.  The background had filled in too look like a sunset, I did this by swiping the oil over it again.  There were intricate details throughout the painting, I was really pleased with it. 
When I looked back at the photo, I noticed the people in the picture (who weren’t in there before), looked kind of amateur. I wondered if the people would be better as water colour.  I asked M if he could teach me water colour next and he said yes.
M asked me what my plans were for the future. I said I would have to go back to school at SMU for 3 months to finish my degree. Somehow I hadn’t finished it before and now I had to in order to get a job. I was terrified and devastated about leaving B. I said I would travel back and forth. Then I told him I really wanted to be a hypnotist. I wondered if he would think I was crazy, but thought he might not since he was quite alternative.  I remembered that the hypnosis course was 1 week long. That would be MUCH better than 3 months! One week seemed like nothing, compared to that. 

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