Volcano Escape

We were going back home, through L-ville, but to my childhood home.  There were creepy looking kids all over the place. I think it was halloween and they were trick or treating.  We kept trying to drive fast, and didn’t want any of them to attach themselves to our car. The car didn’t go very fast.  To the left, I saw a mountain, which was strange, and smoke was coming out of it.  I asked my mom if it was a volcano and she said yes, it was, her expression was grim.  I asked if it could reach us, and she nodded. I said we needed to leave then quickly, and she said yes.  We went back home and tried as best as we could to take the important thing.  
I started packing my bag.  Our father had a friend in San Diego, and we would try to get there for safety.  We could only bring one little bag. I packed an outfit or 2, some for my daughter, and friend.  Some how, one creepy cousin was coming back to our house soon. He was weird, but his friend was nice.
Next, we were in a bigger building, doing something in the gymnasium type place. We were running, and trying to get away. I still had my bag, and I was being chased.  I ran down the elevator with my friend or my brother, and said to jump into the shoot. They said it was a garbage shoot, but I knew I could manifest my home at the end of it. When we got to the end, voila, home was there. We ran outside, and somehow, my brother’s old friend H was there. He was in a small plane, and said he would take us.  It was very tiny, just two rows.  My daughter and I , and friend climbed in, and there was one guy in there already.  There was only one spot left. My brother’s friend J said he would be right out, and get in.
I was terrified my brother wouldn’t make it. I told H to swing around the other way, and I called my brother. I told him we would be coming and when he saw us to run for his life and get in.  . I told him J would be walking because he was confident of his spot. So, when we pulled around, my brother ran as fast as he could and jumped in. H took off immediately and we were airborne.
Somehow, the air plane was jointed, I had to hold onto the front with my arms, and the back with my legs. My body was the slinky type part between.  In the sky were hundreds of fighter jets and missiles.  It was war time.  We swerved around the missiles, and jets and other weird things up there.  I looked down at the united states and imagined California.  I couldn’t get the plane to land with my will, so I decided I would will us to free-fall to get there faster. We dropped quickly down to the ground (On some level I knew this was a dream, because I knew we wouldn’t get hurt, and I knew I could manipulate things, but it all still seemed quite serious).
We arrived at the safe haven house of my father’s friend. We were all looking around, when someone knocked at the door. I knew they had come to find us.  We escaped into the basement with a secret flap.  When we got to the outside, it was all fenced in with wire, and we couldn’t go any farther.  We were scared. There was an old woman with us, and she was kind of scary. Somehow she managed to jump over the fence.
 I feel like the next dream was related. Some parts I may have mixed up between these two dreams, so I will put them together in one post.  
I was with my mom and we were supposed to go on a vacation.  Not sure where we were going, we were just trying to get tickets anywhere. I thought at first Florida, but then I said “How about Arizona or North Carolina?  She said she thought more like Florida. We were trying to get away from the volcano i think.  We couldn’t decide where to go.  But it was kind of desperate. We had to leave soon.  Mom asked me to stop at D & R’s because they had been babysitting my daughter and I’d left some stuff there.
I knocked on the door and R came.  She got a few pamphlets of B’s and gave them to me. Weird, I thought there would be a lot more stuff. Oh well. I went to the car and mom said to go back. So I went back. The door was beautiful. It was large, sturdy, with glass panels and silver edging. It didn’t really match. I mentioned the door to my mom, and she said too bad they have such a small house. I said actually inside was beautiful, maybe they didn’t want to fix the outside, for tax reasons.
Anyway so I went back in.  There was a pair of sandals that acted like a cat. When I touched them they would stand up to be pet. Weird.  I stayed too long, and mom was waiting for me.  My brother was there too, and he had to leave to go get a piece of a big puzzle that he had sent to work on.  He would go get the puzzle piece and bring it back to D and R. 
FINALLY I left, and went to the car. B was asleep in her car seat. We took off. Mom was driving down the 560, and I noticed B had NO straps buckled on her seat! I told my mom to pull over immediately. She refused. I yelled and swore until she pulled over. I was terrified and shocked that she would drive without strapping her in.
I got out and strapped my baby back in. I was still furious.  Walking towards us on the road, was my uncle P.  He suddenly got really mad, because he wanted to sit in the front seat, not the back. I was going to still make him sit in the back, but he was SO angry I thought he might snap and hurt us.  So I said “calm down I’m just getting my things from the front and you can sit here”. He was fine then. I got int he back seat, and he was talking about the trip he would take. He wanted to go on vacation too.  He also wanted to go to the homeshow in Fton. I wondered where he was actually planning to go. He had trimmed his beard and got a haircut and looked decent. 

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