Wolf Friend

I was in Cuba with my family.  My husband and B were out playing on the beach and I was inside. My friend B asked me to come over to her resort to hang out for a few minutes. I figured that I had a bit of time so we got on the bus and went.  We were quite happy, but jeez the bus trip was taking a while! We had been on the bus for an hour, when finally we stopped.

We arrived at a place for the supper, which was prepared by the bus driver. We accidentally dropped our spaghetti on the floor, and I ran to clean it up. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings that we had dropped it.  Someone called for him, and I was like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I need to clean this up before he comes back! I only have a minute as it is, don’t make him come sooner!” Anyway, I got it cleaned up before he returned.
Then my other friend J and I were at some place ordering something. It was a large place, and it was like a desk we were ordering at. Oh I know! She had been taking pictures, and she finally finished her film roll, so we were going to get them developed.  We took them to the kiosk desk, to do it and gave them the film.  While we were waiting there were two other guys. Now that I think about it, I think one may  have been my friend, T, but the other’s name was Wolf.  I thought he was really nice and I wanted to be his friend. I was going to give him my facebook address (I already looked him on on FB I guess), but I didn’t want to be too forward. I wrote down J’s instead to give him, but in the end, I gave him mine.
Now, we were all out riding horses along a road to get back to some place. It was slow going. Yeesh. I think we were in halifax.  I was off of my horse, and Wolf was beside me, holding my hand to help me continue the journey.  It was a lot easier, holding his hand.

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