Make-up Power Struggle

We were at a big place.  Like a resort maybe? Some of it was all inside, and some was outside.  We were about ready to leave, and we had been there for a long time. We wold leave the next day. i was wondering if we were leaving early early the next day, or late late. I would have to ask my mom since she was in charge.
It was Halloween or something. Or it was a special dance? Something special I think. Almost like prom, or graduation. Anyway at first I dressed up as a cat. I remembered that I had dressed as a cat so many times before. How many years?  probably 6 or 7.  I should have dressed as something else.  I  changed and put these fake teeth or something in my mouth to be dressed as that. But what was it? I dunno, not a vampire, but something like that.  
I was trying to pack up everything since we would be leaving soon.  I had already packed a lot but realized I had still left so much stuff there! Agh. Packing. I almost wanted to leave it all there, but thought it wouldn’t be fair to the next person to leave it all, and also I felt sorry to my stuff for abandoning it there. Wherever it was.  So I kept packing. I took a clothes basket with me, and just threw in everything I could find that was mine, from each room. It was a lot easier that way actually.
My dad wanted to be dressed for Halloween. He wanted to have white painted all around his mouth with scary pretend teeth drawn on. Um okay, weird.  I started digging through my make-up, looking for face paints. I pulled out a fancy compact, and he said “Yep I’ll use that one”. It was my eye shadow, so I said no, it’s not the right one.  That happened a couple more times. Finally I found the white and black face paint. I took some white on my finger, and I was about to put it on him, when he freaked out. He didn’t trust me to do it I guess. He wanted to do it himself.  Ahhh so annoying. I would do a good job. Anyway, so I gave it to him, and he applied it himself. I was looking for a black eyeliner but could find a brown one.  Hmm. I looked at him, and he had outlined it in black somehow already, and said he was done. Um what about the teeth?!  He said no it was enough. J from work and I both tried to convince him to have the teeth but he had made his mind up.  Some how he rubbed his lips together, and all of the makeup was gone. I made him stop, and finally he saw that it was gone, and we reapplied it.
I was looking for my husband too. I really wanted to hang out with him, but he was busy, I went outside and took a quick walk, it was so beautiful. There was a stone path I could walk on, and a breeze, and it was near the ocean. As beautiful as it was, I didn’t want to go to far, and lose everyone, or not be able to be found when they were looking for me.
After that dream, I dreamed I was on the set of Modern Family and we were doing a Yoga routine. Weird.  

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