The Earthquake Death

I was at my Grammie U’s house, but it was different. My mom, and my great grammie R were there too. Mom had to go somewhere, and I volunteered to stay and take care of them, and Mom was relieved. She’d be back later.  I was making sandwiches or something, when I noticed things were shaking. Everything was shaking a bit, and then it became more violent. Shaking so much! I realized it must be an earthquake.
We were in a 2 story building. I wondered if we should try to go outside. Which would be safer? Ahh… I didn’t know what to do. Before I could think much more, I knew that the building was collapsing.  I knew that the ceiling was falling on me, and I knew I was most likely going to die. I resigned my self to my death, hoping it wouldn’t be too painful.  I felt nothing, but was aware of everything crashing down.  My consciousness was removed, and I could feel my “self” moving.  This was death.  The building collapsed into heaps of rubble.  
Years and years later, decades at least.  Men came to make new buildings from the rubble left behind. It was then that my consciousness emerged up from the mess. I saw them building sky scrapers and modern cities.  Of course they didn’t see me.

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