3D Candy Tattoo

We were at a place, getting ready to see a performance, still outside with the other people kind of milling around.  Someone said “wow it was spinning one way and now it looks like it was spinning the other way!” I was curious and went around to see what they were looking at.

It was a 3D tattoo on a woman’s back, right below her neck, between her shoulders. The tattoo was tonnes of rainbow coloured candy, big and small. The way it was done, if you looked at it, there was an optical illusion of it swirling around clockwise. If you refocused your eyes, it looked like it was swirling the other way. Neat! When I reached out to touch the tattoo, I could actually feel the shape of the candies. There were a few different types, and they all felt unique. There was a person beside her, JD, who was jealous or something, and wanted one too, so she made an ice cream sandwich 3D tattoo. It was neat but not as fantastic.
Well, it was time to get going to the concert I guess. I thought it was going to be in the building to the right, but my friends were all going to the left, to an outside area.  They all went, and I just kind of started wandering around myself, feeling almost out of place.  I slowly started walking towards the outside venue, when I saw my friends MM and MD coming. Yay! I ran beside then, and walked together. I was so happy to see them, and hoped we could sit together.
I brought them over to an old bench and we sat down. It cracked a little, and I hoped it wouldnt break. I sat between them. I was talking to MM about something. Telling him that while he was sleeping, his mind was updating and he was learning new things. His heart had to catch up, and would learn those things in the waking state.
I started to shiver, I was getting really cold. MM put his arm around me to try to keep me warm but I was really cold! He tried to find my coat for me, and then I woke up. I was freezing because I had lost my blanket in real life.
I also had a dream spinning dream.  Sometimes in my dreams, when I become aware that I’m dreaming, I can spin with my arms out, and decide on another location and end up there when I stop spinning.  In my dream, my friend JR was spinning and I decided I would too.  I kept spinning trying to relocate myself (I was in my Grammie’s yard), but it wasn’t working. I wanted to spin to the clouds to relax, but I couldn’t get there.  I think it didn’t work because I didn’t really realize that I was dreaming.

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