Back to Jeju

I decided I would leave Canada and go to Jeju, South Korea, to work.  I left by myself and went to work there. I felt knowledgeable because I had already done it before. When I got there, the head teacher, Jinny, was still mean and grumpy, but she took me around to see what I had to see.  I had been walking down the street, and a Korean co-teacher was drunk, so I had to carry her home. She was mad and embarrassed but I couldn’t just leave her there. I carried her to her apartment. She had a nice apartment, and I hoped mine would be as nice.
Jinny took me to see my apartment. We climbed up 3 sets of stairs, and there were people milling around everywhere. Oh shoot, it’s the same apartment they made me stay in last time, wasn’t it? Yeah.  I looked down the stairwell, there was no railing, and I was terrified I would fall off. 
Somehow, they agreed to move me to a different apartment.  I went to the new one, and the feeling was MUCH better! It was airy and white and nice.  There were lots of people there too, but I liked this place much much better. It wasn’t dark and dingy like the last one.  I went outside, and recognized everything.  The park that I loved was still there, but the school looked like it had closed down and moved somewhere else. 
Then my husband came. I was so glad to see him. I desperately missed our daughter. How had I decided to leave and let her stay in Canada?  My husband was just off the long flight from Canada, and I asked him if he could go back and get B. He said of course, and he did.  When they got back, we were talking about child care. I said I remembered there being a kindergarten around the corner (I pointed at the building), but she wasn’t old enough. I said, why don’t we ask Kate to take care of her.  I kept trying to send a message to Kate to tell her I was in Jeju. She would be so shocked and I hoped so excited. 

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