Kitchen Sales

For the last two nights, I’ve slept very shallowly with dreams that weren’t quite stories, but more feelings and themes (#fullmoonproblem ?) I’ve woken up both mornings completely drained and exhausted.  The dream I will write today happened three nights ago but it’s still rolling around up there, so I’ll record it. 
I was at work (I work at our family Kitchen Design and Manufacturing shop, as the office manager in real life).  I was in the sample room (but it was different), and flipping through countertop samples, thinking about what looked best, what the trends were, ect, and holding up samples. 
A customer came in, and I kept talking about the sample.  I knew she could hear me, and hoped she would overhear something useful.  Now, I was helping her specifically. I was showing her the sample that I have in my actual kitchen, telling her it was beautiful. I wanted to convince her to get it, but I realized I shouldn’t try to convince everyone to have the same thing as me, and I should be more gentle and let them decide themselves what they like. (Ok, just got that message loud and clear as I’m typing this).
I told her that my countertop was beautiful, but agreed that she could get tired of it later and showed her a plainer type with small flecks and a more neutral colour. I made myself understand and accept, that either way, as long as SHE loved it, it would be nice.  My parents each had customers of their own, and suddenly the room was very busy with everyone! It was exciting like a holiday shopping vibe, all making decisions and shopping at once.  
I finished up with my customer, got all of her contact information including her husband’s name and her address, and sent her on her way. I had an excited feel of accomplishment and fun.  I did a good job! (Usually I am in my office doing the accounts, so it’s rare that I’m the salesperson, although it does happen at time, and usually it makes me nervous).
So, when I woke up from this dream, I was like “What the heck? Why would I dream that? It was so mundane and boring, there were absolutely no hidden messages in there”.  Now after writing it down, I do see some messages (funny how that happens when you’re writing or telling your dreams).
-Letting others find their own idea of beauty and not pushing mine on to them
-Working for my parents actually can be exciting.
Another thing, the day after that dream, my dad asked me if I would like to come help them out at a trade show next month. Normally I would have run for the hills at that request, but this time, I felt quite confidant that I could do it, because of the dream I had had. Holy clam shells! I think I deciphered it!
I will post a picture of my own kitchen before and after (designed by my dad of course, and manufactured here. The finished picture is before I added curtains and before the gorgeous lights were installed)

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