Chasing the Wagon

We were in a house, and we had company. Someone’s friend from the Southern USA named Lila was there.  She was asking me if I had a boyfriend. I thought back and remembered that no I didn’t. We had broken up long ago. I said no. Then I remembered I was married! Oh yes, I am in a partnership! 
Then we were outside. There was a wagon carrying people, I’m not sure if it was a truck pulling it or horses? Anyway, my husband was on that wagon too. He didn’t realize I wasn’t on the wagon, and they took off. I started running after them.  I wanted to catch them myself.  I could almost keep up, and I knew if my husband could see me, he would tell the driver to stop,and in a way, I wanted that, but I also wanted to be able to catch the wagon myself. I was running as fast as I could, and I had some type of chair thing I was using, kind of like a walker that an old lady would use.  
I was running up the hill, and around a path. There was a grey dog/wolf on my left. I knew if it wanted it could attack me, so I picked up sticks and threw them to ward him off, and it worked.  There were a few kid watching as I ran by, they were cheering for me.  Apparently I was a princess or queen or a lady or something, and the kids were cheering and excited. THey had English accents and they shouted that they knew I would be able to catch them, not to worry, I could do it.  I yelled back thanks and asked them to send me luck.  If they believed in me, I believed I could do it too. (I had an English accent as well).

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