The New Room.

I was at work.  Somehow, we were renovating one of the rooms. It was where the bathroom is now, it was going to be a bedroom. In the front showroom, there was a dresser that would be moved into that room.  We had ordered a wheelbarrow full of stones that we were going to put around the dresser, on the floor, to fill in a space and give it a “look”. I was really excited. I took the wheelbarrow over to the dresser and dumped them all out. But, the dresser was still in the front showroom! Shoot!
I put all of the stones back into the wheelbarrow. I was chomping at the bit to get the room ready.  I couldn’t move the dresser in until the new flooring was laid, but it was taking longer than I wanted.  I went out to talk to my dad and brother about it. I asked them how they got such nice stones (they were bright shiny colours, some cut in half, geodes, really beautiful). They said that was just the standard ones that come when you order that size. I had been expecting some type of gravel so I was happy. 
I looked through the window to the offices and saw M, the old office manager was there. Shoot, what was she doing here? I had better go to my office to make sure it was all in order in case she was coming to check on me.  I went into my office, and there were all of these boxes all over. I was a little annoyed, because my brother had thrown them all in. I gathered them all up, complaining to myself that my office was too small to have extra junk in it.  I put them in my mom’s office, who then complained about the junk now being in her space.  
My brother was talking about the new room, which I guess was now at my parents’ house. He said that he didn’t really like the room that was “his” at their house, and that he liked mine better.  I told him, that I would actually be staying the night there more than him, so I would keep it. I reminded him that there were lots of amazing bedrooms upstairs. (In real life there aren’t any, but usually I have dreams about a big upstairs full of huge, fancy rooms, but they are mostly haunted and scary). He agreed he would stay downstairs in his allotted room.
I wonder if the new room I was building my be related to my intuition development.  I’m taking an intuitive bootcamp course right now, and I’m learning to read tarot cards.  I only have 2 weeks to practice and then will be doing readings in class.  I feel like I don’t have enough time, and yesterday I tried to give my mom a reading, but felt fumbly, nervous and just not very good. Maybe it’s about wanting the end result really fast, and getting ahead of myself. Which will then cause me to go back and start over.  It’s time to take things as they are, slowly and steadily and devote enough time to each stage in the proper order to see the final results. 

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