The White Night Sky

The first part of the dream (actually it wasn’t the first part, but now I forget what came before) was outside in the snow.  It was Japanese people (weird, I’ve dreamed of Japanese people three days in a row, and I don’t even know any Japanese people!). Anyhow, there was a guy laying in the snow with a little clicker thing in his hand. He was very blasé. He would push the button, and a person would fly over him through a trail and land on the ground. Every thing was covered in snow, and there was a snowmobile path that they would fall onto.  There were people snowmobiling all over the snow, and they kept getting stuck in thick fluffy snow, which was really deep, deeper than the height of a person.  
Next, my mom and I were at a thrift store. We were looking through things, and I picked out a couple of Pororo jammies for my daughter. I picked up something else but I forget what it was.  We were wandering around together, and we went over to the window.  We looked outside at the night sky and it was amazing. There were these big huge white marks on the sky. Almost like if you had a piece of black paper, poured some white paint on it, folder it in half and mooshed it around a little, then opened it back up.  It was amazing. There was a guy sitting in a chair behind us, and he said “what?”.  He thought I had said something to him, but I hadn’t.  Then he was embarrassed when I said I didn’t say anything. I joked and told him he must be crazy, which embarrassed him more, but he was able to joke after that.
For some reason we were talking about air planes.  I said that our air planes go straight up in the air, fly straight, and then go straight back down and land in California (I was remember that dream I had a while ago about the small plane to California, where we jumped out in parachutes). He asked me if we had low flying planes through the towns, and I said no. He said we must not live in the city. 

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