The Busy Shop

I wasn’t even going to write this dream down, because it was so mundane, but when I started telling my co-worker today, she looked a little freaked out because she had the same dream! (Obviosuly not the same details, especially the last part, but the general dream of the busy shop). The weird thing for me, this is the second time I’ve had a version of this dream in the last couple of weeks.  
I was at work, on the phone with a customer. (In real life I am the office manager for a Kitchen Design and Manufacturing Company).  The customer was D.P. a recent customer who I have spoken with on the phone, but I’ve never seen him.  He told me that he was ready to pick out countertops.  My parents (who are the business owners in real life) were away at the Home Show, but I told him he could come over anyway. He put the phone down or something, and his daughter came on.  She set the phone down too. I was waiting and waiting, finally I said “HELLO!!! Hellloooo!!!!!” and he came back to the phone.  I told him, and convinced him that he could come right over and I would help him. We have a large sample room, and I would be happy to help him start to make some decisions.
D.P. came to the showroom, and I started showing him around.  We were in one room (which is actually the lunch room), and I was showing him a large sample counter with a dark swirly marbly counter.  He really liked it, and I told him I did too. I said it was a nice change from the small-speckled-granite-looking ones. He agreed.  He wondered what edge he would go with. I told him the edge shown was the one Dad thought matched the best, but if he liked something better, he was free to make a change.  I told him that everything was included in the price. Not to worry about the little details because it was all included. I told him he could chose his handles and they would be included too.
I took D.P. out to the other showroom to show him edge styles.  I told him these ones were decorative edges, and showed him a few.  They were ones I had never seen! Scalloped and beautiful.  I brought him to the far end of the showroom and showed him a commercial edge. I told him that was what I had in my home because I liked the clean look. (I could see the impression he had of me then. Modern, clean and sleek. Which isn’t really how I am, but I liked that impression).  
As I showed him around the showroom, there were tonnes of people there! It was full! (This is what my co-worker dreamed too).  We were all out there, all of us showing people through the displays, and it was exciting. Business was booming, there were so many people there that everyone had to show someone around.  I was so happy.  It was actually really fun too.  
I went around the corner and saw J.B. a girl from university who I am no longer friends with.  I was kind of excited to see her, but didn’t want her to see me yet because I wanted to finish with my customer first. I heard her crying and knew she was drunk. So weird. I would get back to her after.
I kept on with D.P. I thought I should probably be writing down his decisions in his file. Hmm. Maybe I could remember everything he had picked out before. I thought I might forget something so I had better write it all down. 

Recent kitchen we custom designed and built here at the shop.


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