Backwards Rollercoaster

My husband and I were at some festival or something. We had gone on a roller coaster twice and it was pretty fun.  We went to go on a last time.  When we got there, it was full of older people (like 60s and 70s). The “conductor?” asked who wanted to sit in the front “caboose”.  We had never sat in the front, and we were kind of scared. But, they were the only seats left. So, we climbed in.  Before I had sat down, the ride started to move. AH! I sat down quickly and buckled up. I thought that it must not be very well regulated.  
The driver started driving backwards! AH!  I wondered if he did this because it would be more exciting for everyone. I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to keep the “train” (is it a train now?) on the roller coaster track. I was freaked out, but we started going.
The driver had some kind of suicide mission now and didn’t care what happened to anyone. We flew off the tracks and landed in the middle of a HUGE busy highway. My husband and I started to run. I managed to get to the very middle of the road and prayed I wouldn’t get hit.  My husband got to the side of the road and yelled for me to run to him. The coast was clear, and somehow I ran as fast as I could and made it safely to him.
Next the scene changed.  I was coming up from stairs at my old middle school.  My friend M.M. suddenly walked by. I reached out to say hi, and he took my hand securely in his. He hugged me tight and kissed my cheek or forehead. He was so happy to see me, and I knew he would take care of me. He walked me confidently to the gym. He said I needed a break and he wanted to show me something fun to lift my spirits.  
When we got the the gym, people we knew were doing some type of musical production.  It was cheerful. M.M. was only about an inch taller than me in the dream, and I knew that he loved me very much. Another friend C.P. was there and he also loved me.  M.M. mentioned that he was born in 1992.  I was shocked. I couldn’t understand how he could be 8 years younger than me, but that we had been in the same class in school.  C.P. used this as a reason that I should love him instead of M.M. since M.M. was now too young for me.  M.M. took my face in his hands and very confidently told me that it was okay. He matured very quickly. Somehow this appeased me and I said I would keep him. I was quite happy.  
Next scene:
I was walking around looking for antiques to make crafts with or something. It seemed to be in my grandparents’ field in front of their house, but it was a “store” outside with items scattered around. I was wearing a red plaid shirt and jeans, and I was some type of outdoorsy hands-on type of girl.  I was carrying a couple of thing that I would buy, when I saw 2 old bikes. I asked if they were also for sale.  There were 2 young guys about my age, about 50 feet away who worked there. They kind of laughed and I think they told me to google it or something. They weren’t very helpful.   
I was looking at one bike, and suddenly I fell off the edge of the hill.  I was embarrassed and kind of sad. One of the guys ran over very quickly to help me. He jumped down to where I was and helped me up. I was shaking.  Partly I was scared and frightened, and partly I liked the help and attention so I made it seem worse than it was.  He held me and coddled me and took of his jacket to wrap me up.  He put my arms through the sleeves to keep me warm, and then hugged me to keep me safe. 
After reading this over, I realized that all three scenes dealt with me ending up safely.  Something was worrisome or troubling, but in the end I found myself safely secured.  Am I feeling unsafe right now? Hmm.  It did feel so nice all three times finding myself in safety.  

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