Teacher Teacher

It was morning and I was a teenager. I was at the house I grew up in. I thought I heard the school bus, and when I ran to the front door to open it, the bus was in my driveway! It was starting to pull away but I flagged it and said “Please wait a second!!”. Frankie, the bus driver said ok. (Wow! Usually he would just leave in my dreams).  I ran to my mom and asked for lunch money. She quickly pulled out $20 (but accidentally gave me $40). I grabbed it and ran. I picked up my shoes, grabbed my purse and flew out to the bus.
The bus was actually more like a small truck or something, or a mini van, with three rows.  The middle row was full, so I climbed into the front seat. I was oder than the other kids. I looked in my bag and there was a McDonald’s hamburger and fries. Shoot, why did I have this?  I didn’t want to eat it now for breakfast, but if I left it for lunch it would be cold and it would stink up my locker.
We arrived at the middle school where we would have to transfer onto another bus to go to the high school.  I wasn’t sure which bus to go on. I looked for my old bus driver Melvin, but I couldn’t find him. I just followed the other people from our first bus, and went to get on a different one.  It looked super full, but the driver let me on.  When I walked through the aisle, I saw there were actually lots of empty seats. 
As we drove, I remembered that I was a teacher and not a student! It was the first day of school, and I thought about how I didn’t have anything prepared yet, I didn’t even know where or who I was teaching.  It was normal though so I wasn’t too worried. I would get into the room and wing it. I thought “Is this my first time teaching full time?” I knew I had taught before, but realized it was my first time being a home room teacher.  
I thought how lucky I must be to get a full time job. Wait. I didn’t have a teacher’s degree.  Were they just desperate? Would I have to tell them? Or would they realize halfway through the year and then fire me?  Then I realized that I was qualified to teach K-8.  But.. we were heading to High School. Oh well, it would work itself out.  
I looked out the window and saw a friend, N.W. doing military exercises. He was really tall and now in charge of a lot of people below him. He was quite hard on them.  Just when they thought he was relaxing, he would throw them into the ground or something. They were all really tough though and benefiting from this.  

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