Volleyball Superstar

We were at a restaurant, my husband, family and I. I looked up to see our friend H.L. there.  He had been living in another country for almost a year and I was so surprised and excited to see him there! I pointed at him and said to my husband “Look! He’s home!” He had a look on his face like he was really happy, and it was almost sheepish, like he had been waiting to surprise us.
I ran over and hugged him so tight. I was sooo happy to see him.  He sat down with us and we started to talk. Someone came to my table and told me that someone wanted to talk to me at another table in another room. I got up and went to see. It was a bunch of girls from my high school. Girls I wasn’t really friends with. They wanted me to be on their Volleyball team.  Partly because they had heard that I had played volleyball in university (I didn’t really though) and partly because they needed another person to fill their team up to qualify to play.
I thought about it.  I was kind of honoured they wanted me to play, but didn’t want to make a fool of myself by not being good enough.  They told me that it would be convenient and I could ride with another person, but I told them it was actually quite out of my way, and told them I wouldn’t play.
I went back to my table and told H and my family what they had asked.  Then another person from another table asked to talk to me. THEY wanted me to play volleyball for their team too! I refused again, but by this time, I was looking like a really in demand athlete, and I was kind of proud of that, even though it wasn’t actually true.
Next, I found myself at a big soccer field.  The volleyball team was now a soccer team (but it wasn’t weird). I was running up the edge of the field for fun, when I realized they were playing already. I was wearing a red jersey. Shoot! I didn’t want any of them to see me, because they would wonder why I had come, especially when I had told them I couldn’t go.  Along the edge of the field was a big building, so I was actually running between the field and the building. I thought I could run around the other side of the building and not have to run back past their game. When I went around the corner, I saw it was all of hte boys from my high school playing there. Shoot! I would have to go back the other way. 
As I ran back, I knew that it would feel really good to be able to kick the soccer ball as I ran. But I didn’t want to play with those girls. I actually didn’t like them, and thought that they were trying to use me to be on their team but that they didn’t actually care about anyone but themselves.  

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