Freaky Cosmic Leader

I was working at the Chiropractor’s office in the USA.  Somehow it was my new job.  We were going over the schedule and it looked like I worked every day of the week. I was surprised that they worked on Saturdays and Sundays too! Yeesh! Since I was the newest person I go the worst shifts too.  Some days I had to be there at 7, but I took solace in the fact that it was only 8 our time.  Some shifts were only 4 hours.
There was an upstairs, and I was taking things up and down. I had to take a label or something to a patient room and I did. Then I was taking something else, and Heather, the girl who works there, told me I couldn’t.  She said we weren’t allowed to take anything anywhere, or even go in any room with out asking Dr. Bell. I was surprised because when I was just a patient there he seemed so nice and easy going, but he was really strict as a boss. I thought to myself that it was a good thing he hadn’t seen me go into a room without asking.  Yeesh.  Since I had to work every day, I thought I would have to quit my regular job. I wouldn’t have time to do both, and to take care of B.  I felt sorry my parents would have to find a replacement for me.  
My family came next. My dad, husband, daughter and maybe brother.  We all had an appointment with Dr. Bell. I wondered if it was okay for me to take my appointment still, even though I was working. A girl, Jessie who I used to work with, suddenly asked me if I wanted to take the “Korean Multi Culture Society” as my own patients. At first I thought that sounded really cool. But I realized they came with a very strange leader.
The leader, whose name was something like “Adam Debly” (?), had committed suicide and came back to Earth in 2 bodies. He wanted to experience life in two bodies to “cover more ground more quickly” or something like that.  His was a very dark story, and there was something about the Twilight Zone mixed in. Yikes. I decided I most definitely did NOT want them as my clients!
Too late.  They walked in.  The scary leader (who was actually only in one body) pinpointed me as the one he wanted. (It’s really hard to put the next “scene” into words. I remember exactly how it all felt and happened but it’s hard to explain, I will try though). 
So, he chose me, and from that second on I was completely controlled by him. He had zeroed in on me and there was no escaping. It was like he was really grumpy and really determined. I was at a cash register or something trying to buy some apple slices, when he stopped me. He thought I was disobeying or trying to escape, and I told him I wasn’t, and that I was very happy to be there, I was just buying apples (Kind of a lie. Definitely didn’t want to be there, and maybe I was trying to escape). 
I wondered why he was so grumpy. Wasn’t there some speck of emotion to him? Wasn’t there some little spark of humanity? I kept trying to find it. 
I had no free will, and the bond between is was very tight, close and freaky.  He took me through a door, and we were in outer space or something. It was all black, and I think there were stars or something.  Or cosmic lights. I dunno. There was his boss there. A female boss.  She was much scarier than him, and made him seem quite mild.  She said something about the deal he made when he came to Earth was to experience no pleasure at all. Which was why, I guess, he was always grumpy no matter what. 
We went back to Earth (?), and we were back in a big room. Like a warehouse kind of. Somehow we were floating around. Doing the splits in the air or something. I started to see the very first cracks of happiness or relaxation come over him. Somehow, he was letting a bit of humanity set in or something. He was kind of having fun floating around, and I was relieved (times a million) that there was hope. 

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