Past Life Stoning

Okay this dream is kind of weird and I don’t remember the exact details of it.  I forgot to think about it this morning when I woke up (I had it early in the night) and just re-remembered it on my drive to work. 
We were at a place, and we were kind of up in the rafters or hanging from ropes or something.  There were two of us. I’m not sure exactly which one I was, but I think I was the younger one. When I woke up I kind of felt like it was me, another life time or something. 
The younger one was probably about 12, a boy.  Dark creamy brown skin (Maybe Indian/Native American?) His (my) name was Jesse.  His hair was medium length with down around his ears and to the bottom of his neck, shaggy.  His spirit was sweet and kind and innocent. The other was a boy, older, maybe about 17. He was white, with short hair and the two had a very close bond.  Best friend, or brothers or adopted brothers or they had grown up together, or something. 
Anyway, something happened and I (Jesse) was blamed. It was obvious to everyone that I was innocent, but the authorities had chosen me to be blamed.  My friend tried desperately to save me, to shout that I was innocent.  I knew that as well, but knew it was my fate to take the blame.  Because of my skin colour or age or position I knew that no matter what, no one would hear me.  If I spoke out, it would only be worse.  My friend could yell and scream but they wouldn’t punish him. They wouldn’t listen to him either, but at least he would be safe.
They threw stones at me until I was almost dead.  I could feel the blood coming up and out of my mouth and nose. I felt like i needed to cough to get the blood out, and knew that it would probably kill me to do it. Thick blood. I didn’t feel a lot of pain, but hoped that the death would be quick so I could just leave my body.  
Everyone else left except my friend. I felt like we had tricked them because I hadn’t died! I was still “aiive” Or so I thought at the time.  My friend carried me around in an envelope (i know, that sounds really weird, and I don’t even know what that meant).  I thought I must be alive, and we had survived despite those people. Looking back, I’m quite sure I had actually died, but I was confused a bit as a newly discarnate spirit. 
When I woke up, I was confused and thought that I had been that boy, Jesse. Maybe it was another life time? I’m not sure really. 

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