Sam Heughan and the Bear

Okay, I was going into town somewhere, walking in. Well, actually I think at first it was an airport or something.  I looked and I saw Sam Heughan (The actor who will be playing Jamie Fraser in the upcoming Outlander Miniseries yayyyyyyyyyy!). I called out his name and he seemed to be alone.  He was up stairs somewhere, and I walked around a wall, and he came out the bottom, again I said “Sam Heughan!” and I was so lucky! He was alone and I got to talk to him!
I was so excited, and he told me that I should at least tell him some unique Canadian phrases that he could take back to Scotland with him. My mind went blank and the only thign I could think of was “bejesus” like “You scared the bejesus out of me!!!” I wasn’t sure if that was actually Canadian though. I just couldn’t think of anything!
So, we chit chatted and then we danced. Haha. We were slow dancing in the middle of the ground and I was desperately thinking of something else I could do with him to extend our time together.  He told me that our meeting time was over but that he’d walk me back to town.  Okay, I could deal with that.
We started walking hand in hand to town.  We walked down a wooded path towards our destination.  Suddenly behind us a bear started running towards us. I reached down and grabbed an old wooden boat paddle just in case I had to defend us.  The bear zoomed past us, not caring to attack us at all. Phewf.  Then it came running, but once again it zoomed past us. I guess we were safe!
We got to the house where B’s old baby sitter lived.  Sam’s mom had bought the house.  Apparently now that she bought it, she would also be B’s baby sitter. Yeesh. 
I don’t really remember this one as much. But it was somewhere near the ocean. There were people that I knew, and my friend MM (who for some weird reason has become a very familiar face in my dreams, even thought I haven’t seen him for 12 years and he wasn’t even one of my best friends) was there as well.  I was hanging out with MM, and there was a baby. An adorable special baby with smiling eyes. He was very concerned with this baby and it’s welfare.  It was the most important thing to him. Since MM was important to me, I made sure the baby was important too. I carried the baby around and cared for him, which made MM happy. I know there was a lot more to the dream, but I can’t really remember it clearly.  

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