Physics Pop Quiz

This is a dream I (and I’m sure you) have had many times.  It’s usually an indication that I’m stressing over something or feeling unprepared.  The feeling that I neglected to do something, and now I am under-prepared.
I walked into my high school physics class.  I hadn’t been there the entire semester, and hadn’t even cracked the book to see what we were learning about. As I walked into the classroom, my teacher, Mr. T was there, and he told us we would be having a pop quiz today. The only saving grace was that this pop quiz was just prep for the huge final exam we would have the next day.  If we answered any of the questions correctly (out loud) today, we would get bonus points.
Mr. T told us all to all have a piece of paper and pencil. We could write on it, but we had to put it on our heads to write.  Maybe so he could see what we were writing?
Anyway, so we started with the quiz questions. I had no clue about ANY of them. I didn’t raise my hand at all and prayed he wouldn’t call on me. I left my usual spot in the front, and went to the back to “hide”.  I wondered if I could pray to the angels and somehow have them channel the answers to me! I hoped that the questions he was going over today might be the exact same questions on the test tomorrow. Could I remember them all. I started to write some points down on my paper (on top of my head of course).  Mr. T hinted that one question in particular would be important to remember.
Finally he was done asking the questions, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I wondered if I would be able to learn enough that night for the test. The questions were more like history questions and than physics.  
Next there were about 10 more bonus questions on the board. The first questions was a picture of an orange, and he asked what category of fruit it was. I raised my hand “CITRUS!” Phewf one point. The next question was beans and I knew the answer was “Legumes” (haha). Someone else got that one. I ended up getting another question right for a total of 2 bonus point.  
Next I went to sit at a table with friends and discuss the test ext.
As I was driving to work this morning, it was extremely foggy.  I came up a hill and a truck almost pulled out in front of me which triggered a memory of a dream from last night.  I don’t really remember it all, but I did remember driving down the road, and up ahead was a very foggy patch.  It was too late to turn back, but it was so foggy that I couldn’t see ANY thing. I knew it was very likely that I could have a car accident because no drivers could see each other.  I tried to slow a bit, but knew I just had to roll with the punches and keep going.
Funny, I’ve been noticing these days that I will have several dreams on the same night. Totally different dreams, but somehow with the same message or theme attached. Wondering if my subconscious/guides/angels/ect just keep giving me the same message differently, hoping it might sink it.
The correlation between these two dreams that immediately jumped out at me were the aspect of entering into something without knowing all of the facts.  Interestingly, a few days ago I was in my parents’ basement and I stepped on a nail. I felt like I stepped on it because I failed to look where I was going, and should have “watched my step”.  

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