The Empty Mirrored Room

It’s now almost the end of the work day, so this dream is starting to fade. I haven’t had time to write it down until now, but here is what’s left of it:
There were two girl, about 8 or 9 years old I think, and they were all dressed up outside, going to prom or something. They were wearing white gloves. One of them ended up spilling red wine on the white gloves, and I told her to give them to me and I would try to wash them.
I brought them into my house to the sink. The sink was up on a platform (and by the way “my” house was a place I’ve never seen before), you had to go up steps to get to it, and it looked out the window. I started washing the gloves and thought I might need some oxyclean.  I opened up the container, and instead of regular oxyclean, it was stuff we had made ourselves. I thought I’d better go to the store room and get some real stuff to work better. 
I left the kitchen and went into another room. Nope not the store room, I walked into the next room. It was a large empty room, with crown mouldings and framed mirrors covering all of the walls. I thought to myself that it was such a nice room, and a shame we weren’t using it. I thought it was probably better our bedroom was upstairs so it would force us to go up there. Otherwise we would just stay in the downstairs part of the house and neglect the other part.
I went into the closet and there was the oxyclean on the shelf.  Weird things were happening in the closet but I can’t think of what. I was carrying people out of it, or it was a portal, or something weird. Image

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