Intuitive Boot Camp

It was the final day of Intuitive Bootcamp (which in real life, is next Tuesday). It was the day we would read for people we don’t know.  My mom dropped me off, and I walked into the building. I sat down in a chair (they were all in a circle with no table), and realized I was on the opposite side of the circle than I usually am. I was using the same chair I usually use, but it was on the other side.  
I looked around and saw 5 people that didn’t belong to our class, one of them was about 9 years old and I wondered why someone brought her!  I knew there should be 6 extra people, who we would read for today, and I realized I had better go bring my mom in, since she was one of the people who signed up for the readings.  The room was abuzz and everyone was very excited. 
I excused myself and went outside. There were lots of cars and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find my mom, partway up the driveway, I thought I saw her car. She saw me first and waved so I would know that it was her, phewf. She got out of the car and we started walking back.  As we got closer to the centre, there was a long line of people leaving, like 40 people all coming out. They were all talking and laughing and very excited. HOLY!  Were we all going to have to read for about 6 people each? Wouldn’t that drain us?
Now that everyone was leaving the building, (because they had been asked to go outside and wait) I wondered if I had to send my mom out too?!  We went in, and they said it was fine for Mom to stay. I sat down again.  I told our teacher I had a question. I told her that after the last class, I had fallen asleep and suddenly woken up with my entire body vibrating. (Which did happen in real life as well) It was a strange feeling and it happened a second time that night. I wondered if it was related to the things we were learning.
Suzanne, my teacher, told me that it was another symptom of pushing too hard in a reading the week before. It was the access energy trying to get out. Oops okay.  I’m not sure what was happening exactly next, but I felt like I needed strong protection.  I saw a pulsing bright, almost alive, white light in my belly, and I expanded it around me to form a protective, warm loving bubble around myself. I wondered if my teacher could see that.  I looked at her and saw something really strange.  On her left shoulder, was a tiny hand resting. I looked and it came into clear focus. It was a small white hand wearing a ring. I was describing it to her as I was seeing it, shocked that I could even see it.  It kind of looked like it waved to me.  Then my eyes unfocused or something, and I wondered if I had just had my eyes crossed and it was actually just her hand that I had seen. 

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