Options of the Land

I have had a LOT of dreams over the past few days.  We’ve been away for work, so I haven’t had a chance to write any down, and they have slipped away.  I had a lot of dreams last night, but the one I want to share today is just short.  When I woke up, I felt like I should write it down:
My husband owned a piece of land.  It was a tall tall cliff, with a very thin piece jutting out of the top.  The land was starting to crumble, and we had three options.  Now, hmm.. what were those three things.
1. We could sell the land for about $6000-$8000 as it was. Get rid of it quick.
2. We could just keep it and let it crumble.
3. We could bring in more land and support it.  Build up the area beneath the top. This would cost about $5000 to do, and then try to sell it.
Well, as pieces were falling down, we decided on the third option. We brought in land and supported it from the bottom to make a big beautiful piece of propterty.  We easily sold this property for about $160,000. Wow! We put in the initial small investment (which felt big at the time) and got a huge return.
Okay, before I wrote this dream out, I couldn’t really see the message clearly, but now it’s so very clear.  Put in the work (Relationship, career, family, health, whatever), and you will have a huge, fertile return.  Or, give up and let it crumble or not blossom into it’s full potential. Come on dreamers, let’s put the work in today!

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