Reiki Visions

Three days ago, I had a lovely Reiki session. I was getting worn down, grumpy, cranky, tired, and knew I needed a good boost.

Anyway, during this session, I had some neat visualizations that I wanted to record and share.

I started out by the beach, where I usually go when I’m going to “My happy place”. I was with my angel, and we were relaxing. She took me to a doorway/entrance, made in stone, covered by kind of drapey seaweed. I pulled back the seaweed, and walked into a cave, made completely of Citrine crystals. It was beautiful. I sat down to recharge and rejuvenate, in a crystal chair, also made of citrine.

Suddenly, a large owl swooped in, and flew around the cave. He swirled around me, wrapping me in nice energy, and then perched on a piece of citrine. He asked me to come outside with him. I looked at my angel, Lucia, and she said sure, go ahead. I stepped outside of the cave, and watched the owl swoop around the sky, so beautiful. I asked him, “Don’t owls only fly at night?”. He told me that it doesn’t matter if people think you should do something at a certain time, or a certain way, if you want to do it a different way, you do it a different way. It doesn’t matter what people think is the normal way to do it.

The owl asked me if I would like to fly too and I said yes.

He took me to the top of a cliff, so I could jump off. I was scared so he gave me his wings to use. Now I had owl wings too. I tried to jump off but I couldn’t. I went back and got a run for it. I tried a few times but couldn’t get past the edge of the cliff. I tried a final time, and I was in the air, soaring, flapping my wings. It was wonderful. As I flew, the wings started to melt, and soon I was using my own arms and body. I saw a citrine ring, cushion cut.

That was the end of that part. But then I saw a man, with a bushy white moustache that moved when he talked. He had crinkly kind eyes, and I asked him what he was doing there. He said he just liked the Reiki. He looked like he was related to my Reiki practitioner’s husband somehow. He was wearing a small red toque, maybe plaid, and he looked like a lumberjack.

On the other side of the room I saw my beloved grampie. I asked “I didn’t think you believed in this stuff” and he said “Oh that doesn’t matter anymore”. He gave me a big strong hug, and a whisker burn. I started to cry real tears. He said that I shouldn’t wait so long to take time for myself like this, not just once or twice a year, but to do it more often.

Anyway, those were some nice gems from Reiki.


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