The Vampire World

I’ve had the stomach flu for the past two days, but the day before that I had an interesting dream. I probably won’t remember it all, but this is the first day I’ve felt up to even sitting up and writing anything.

The dream started that I saw my ex boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. It had been years since I last saw her, so I barely recognized her. She saw me first and came over to say hi. I looked at her, kind of puzzled until I realized who she was. We sat down to chit chat together. She was telling me something about Weight Watchers that she joined, and these little snacks called… what were they called?! I can’t remember! They were called “Convents” or “Contracts” or something like that. Shoot I wish I could remember.

We finished chatting, and I was about to leave. There were two doors, and she told me not to go through one of them. I forget now if I listened or not. When I went out, there was a guy there beside me. He was very blonde and so familiar. I kept asking him who he was, saying I couldn’t remember why I knew him, but he wouldn’t tell me. He was worried, and he didn’t want me to go where I was going. I guess his name was Lucas. Finally I agreed not to go there.

I ended up in a different world now. I had somehow decided I would go to that place Lucas was, and I had made the decision to go. Suddenly a transport was behind me, trying to run over me. Where I dodged to, it followed me. Ahh! The man, who was in charge said “you decided and called for me, so now it has to happen”. (What he meant I guess was that he was in charge of the worlds or something, so when you call and say you want to leave this world (or die), once it’s in motion, that’s what will happen.

I guess I surrendered and ended up in the other world. We were outside waiting for the bus. There were all of these people around eating the “convent” snacks. Or whatever they were. They were kind of like a biscuit, made of seaweed stuff. I asked why they all ate them, and they all looked crazy and said because they tasted like the food they wanted to have, which was blood. Ruh Roh. They were all some type of zombie vampires.

The bus arrived, and we all got in. The seats were covered in blood. Creepy. I went close to the back to an empty seat. The Gobliny vampires were all kind of hankering for me, they realized I was human still, and I was swatting them away. I yelled for Lucas and he came. AHH. If anyone was going to drink my blood it would be him. He saved me from the creepy “people”, he was a level above them or something, and agreed to do it. He laid me back and bit my neck and I could feel the strange feeling of him sucking my blood, from the left of my neck.


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